Optko is an innovative business transformation company

Our approach is to partner with our customers to provide real business value.
We deliver value throughout the solution lifecycle.
We are committed to the delivery of outcomes through a  collaborative team based approach.

We predict the future by creating it

Who is Optko?

Optko was founded on a vision to look at things from a different viewpoint. We are provocative, we bring ideas and introduce concepts and systems that challenge the "status quo" but use proven solutions that can deliver measurable business improvement - We call this Business Optimisation.
Our Motto is:
No challenge is impossible with the right planning, preparation and commitment.
Optko was founded by Graeme Finck and Roland Hambleton at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Both Graeme and Roland, after working for many years in the corporate sector, each holding senior positions, saw a gap in the market which was unfulfilled by mainstream advisory firms and mass scale software vendors. While mainstream may be safe and comfortable, it fails to provide sustainable competitive advantage.
The global pandemic quickly highlighted those organisations which were agile and had business flexibility and those that did not. Our founders saw first hand those organisations which were not equipped to deal with the challenges brought about by a change in working arrangements, different customer expectations, a high demand for "always-on" systems and the rapid introduction of new digital processes. We witnessed many business ceasing to trade, many downsizing and numerous business just not capable of coping with such disruption. However, we observed organisations adapt overnight to meet new demands, increase sales, improve profits and open new channels to market.
We asked ourselves why do some businesses prosper, when others decline.
We believe the answer is in optimisation. Those organisations that were able to modify their workforce behaviours, quickly adopt new go to market models, seamlessly engage with their customers and create "on the fly" plans and product innovations were the companies that realised growth. The long held view of static strategies, multiyear business plans and staid organisational systems and process being "rock solid" has proven to be inflexible, slow to adapt and way to costly to modify; let alone the expense of engaging a highly priced consultancy firm in the first place to develop it!
The alternative is to have agile "outcome based" business models which are enabled by contemporary systems that can be quickly configured to meet the changing business need. Having improved sales automation. greater management of business objectives; using democratised and organisational wide strategic plans, greater customer insights and marketing analysis, enriched employee communications and wellbeing or simply better planning tools to deliver measurable project outcomes.
Scanning the globe for highly scalable, extremely adaptable and organisational wide solutions which provide extreme business agility, Graeme and Roland decided to focus of three (3) key business area's which would "make a difference" to how a business performs and where a business can improve on "getting things done", leading to an improved bottom line. These key focus areas; which we call expertise areas; are:
Workforce Optimisation. People, undisputedly, are a companies most important asset. A healthy, productive and objective orientated workforce is fundamental for business success.
Experience Management Optimisation. Knowing your customer, knowing your employees, knowing if your products are meeting customer expectations is "king" in building competitive advantage.
Planning and Process Optimisation. Businesses must be agile. Process optimisation allows repeatability to improve efficiency. Good plans are dynamic and can be changed quickly and without significant disruption.
Optko has executed partnerships with key software solution providers and key business advisors that can build a future direction. It maybe to enhance what is already in place and works well, but needs some refinement, or it may be to replace with something "new and better".
Wherever the journey, whatever the approach, Optko is ready to assist.

Our Values

Leadership – we are thought leaders inspiring organisations to think differently.
Customer centric – our customers are at the centre of everything we do.
Collaborative – together we can make the changes.
Results Driven – drive change, deliver results.
Integrity  – trust based relationships.
Innovative –  continual focus on improvement.