Planning and Process Optimisation

Systems and processes which can increase marketing returns, improve sales outcomes and optimise delivery.
Improving sales by increasing cut-through and reducing time wasters. Better insights through analytics to hone marketing programs to increase sales performance.
Maximise delivery performance and increase project profitability.

Transition to better outcomes

Successful B2B sales is not by chance. Sales itself is a science, it's a disciplined process of tasks and events that lead to predicted outcomes.
If you are using a legacy sales management platform you are probably not managing your sales process effectively. Using improved sales automation tools, you can better control each stage in revenue production, from marketing, to sales, to customer success. It can help sales managers structure their processes, their sales teams and to ensure improve sales results.

Using workflow defined sales automation tools and linking these to proven sales functions, sales leaders can improve their entire system, shifting from "a superstar culture" to a "science culture" in the process, where ever sales person can be successful.

Sales Automation - How you sell is why you win

Making Strategy Business as Usual

Here at Optko we have the goal to democratize strategy and change perceptions to make strategy ‘business as usual’.
Strategy shouldn’t sit in an excel spreadsheet and only be known by the c-suite management.
Strategy should be imbedded throughout an organisation and be a part of every employee’s day no matter what their role.
Until now, there hasn’t been a single platform that integrates strategy into every aspect of an organisation’s processes.
To make strategy a tangible commitment a holistic approach to successfully executing a strategy becomes increasingly critical.
We help organisations turn visions into reality by engaging across all levels of the organisation.
“A successful strategy only happens when the entire organisation is involved”.
By bringing together the most advanced and relevant AI techniques, we transform data into actionable insights, so organisations can make data-driven decisions.
Our in-house experts will work with you to pick suitable models from our AI marketplace to best match your business needs.
With our platform you can realise the untapped potential of your data, making experiences deeply rewarding and the world around us more accessible.
We can transform video, image and audio data into actionable insights, so businesses can make data-driven decisions in real-time. This can help you improve current business safety, make routine tasks easier and more accurate or transition mundane functions which are best managed through automation and not your valued employees.
Whether you’re a multinational corporation or small business, Optko can provide the right advice and introduce you to the right solution for you to use AI solution to help grow your business.

Data Driven AI Based Decisions

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