Optimised Organisation


What We Do

Whether the focus is organisation wide, within a single work team or for a specific project, Optko has an approach to help “optimise” what you do, so you can do it better.

We do this by:

Being objective driven.
Leveraging world class innovative technologies to provide unique solutions.
Talking business value. We listen, we advise and we deliver.

Transition to better outcomes

Optko Expertise


We work in partnership with our clients to optimise and transform business processes to achieve quantifiable outcomes in the following core areas.
Workforce Optimisation
Tools and techniques to enable organisations to build agile and high performing workplaces.
Experience Management Optimisation
A 360 Degree view of the customer and the employee to increase marketing returns and improve sales.
Planning and Process Optimisation
Delivering better systems and processes which improve business effectiveness and efficiency to improve bottom line results.

Our Approach

Optko focuses on business improvement and optimisation across three (3) key business functions; Workforce, Experience Management, and Planning & Process.  With our strategic partners, industry experts and software service providers we provide a pathway for our customers to optimise existing processes and business operations. Thereby decreasing costs, increasing revenues and improving overall profitability.
We work with you to understand your strategic goals and business objectives.  Together, we identify opportunities for improvement.  These are then framed into practical solutions and business deliverables.
Using Software as a Service based technologies, that are rapid to implement, powerful and easy to use, we can introduce new business processes with minimal disruption or without the need for complex organsiational change.
Leveraging our own and partner experience we bring a proven delivery capability.
Optko Optimised Organisation Measures for Success

Measures for success

Outcome based approach 
Customer value 
Partnering model

Global best practice tools and techniques.
Full lifecycle support
Ease of engagement

“transformation is a process, not an event”

John P Kotter