Supply Chain Technologies

Real- Time Item Level Visibility

Using RFID technology and contemporary software, manufacturers, distributors and retailers can keep a a record of every transaction/movement of goods along with the chain of custody - from raw material initial suppliers to the sale and consumption of finished products or goods.
Capture Movement of Goods
From all sources available including manual forms or invoices, enterprise systems and IOT automated environments
360 View of Inventory
Update and Compute Quantities of any product - SKU, Lot, Serialized item
Keep record of Tracking Events, Chains of custody and any Key Data Element
Supply Chain Tracking
Supply Chain Tracking
Supply Chain Inventory Management
Supply Chain Inventory Management
Supply Chain Traceability
Supply Chain Traceability

Luxury Goods

Protecting you brand and your product from fakes, copies and cheap imitations has never been more important. Providing your valued customers with the confidence that they are buying a "genuine" product is key to brand reputation.
Product authenticity right through the supply chain
Customer visibility of their product right from manufacture to point of sale
Product security reducing theft and cloning
Improve customer experience, both during and post purchase
Increase brand confidence.
Supply Chain Technology for Luxury Brands
Supply Chain Technology for Luxury Brands

Retail Supply

Increasing sales, providing more data and increased traceability.
Consumer transparency builds brand trust. Ethical sourcing and customer visibility of where the goods have been produced, increases consumer confidence.
71% of customers will pay a premium for increased traceability, leading to repeat purchases and far greater brand loyalty.
Increased sales by improving inventory accuracy, especially in the fast fashion sector.
Improve customer experience, by better understanding product availability, where products are located in the store and when they are expected to arrive in the store or available for collection.
Increase retail-brand confidence.
Supply Chain Technology for Retail
Supply Chain Technology for Retail

Fast Food and Fresh Produce

Knowing where your products are anywhere in the supply chain.
Track & trace fresh product. Pilots have shown that the time needed to trace item provenance went from 7 days to… 2.2 seconds!
Reduce recall and improve safety by knowing what goods need to be removed from shelves. An improvement of up to 95% on ability to rapidly recall products has been achieved.
Reduce wastage by knowing which items are no longer fit for sale, rather than discard bulk lots, A reduction of 75% in wastage has been obtained.
Improve customer experience, by helping them select the freshest and best products.
Supply Chain Technology for QSR and Fresh product
Supply Chain Technology for QSR and Fresh product

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