We understand that customer satisfaction is not only about the solution. it is about the advice you receive, how your solution is implemented, managed, maintained and supported.

Optko offers a full service lifecycle to ensure we deliver to your expectation and we keep our promise to deliver you better outcomes, forever!

Optko Services


We provide up to date technical advice on business journeys, areas of improvement and use of technology which will identify where you can optimise what you do, so you can do it better.
While we are not an independent consulting organisation, nor do we have the big price tag, we don't sell you products. We work with you to look at your business, we seek areas for improvement and then look at your workforce, your processes and your technology to seek the best practical outcome for your business.
We like to say that we are "advocates not advisors"
Optko Advisory Services
Optko Advisory Services
Optko Implementation Services
Optko Implementation Services


A solution that is poorly implemented or wrongly configured, or your staff aren't trained in the system's use, is not worth having.
We understand this journey, as our people have sat on your side of the table. We know how poor project delivery can ruin a good initiative.
We ensure that all our solutions are fully project managed, so you receive a fully managed outcome that meets with your expectations and delivers your business results, no excuses. Never!
Project Managers

All of our project managers are certified and have experience in delivering solutions.

Systems engineers

We have system engineers who can integrate our solutions into your existing technology stack and help you configure the system.

Business Analysts

We can help you map current processes and data and assist in the development of new business workflows to maximize the benefit of the new solutions.

Account Management

Throughout the solution lifecycle we maintain contact with you to ensure you are realising the benefits of the solution and it is living up to your expectations. In short, that the solution is delivering you better outcomes. That's our promise.
Our Account Managers are your advocates to ensure that you always get the best possible results.
Optko Account Management Services
Optko Account Management Services

Support and Maintenance

Once the solution has been implemented, we transition across to our service team, to ensure ongoing support and maintenance.
We provide local technical support fully backed by our global solution partner who ensures ongoing security, vulnerability management and that the solution is updated and maintained.
Where requested we also provide local customer support to assist with product use and ongoing service requests.
Optko Support and Maintenance Services
Optko Support and Maintenance Services

Transition to better outcomes